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The story behind Brightlife

This team of five multidisciplinary students aims to make mental health services more effective and accessible. They took part in HUBS's Pre-incubator.

From student to knowledge worker

Jussi Laurila, a brand new master of Social Science and a fresh Growth Hacker at HUBS, ponders his transition from university student to entrepreneur.

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Study Expo directed the route to HUBS

Tampere University student Victoria Laaksonen participated our Team Learning Bootcamp and got a spark to improve her team skills and make practical experiments.

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Entrepreneurship – a new civic skill?

Is entrepreneurship becoming a new civic skill? We summed up the inspirational insights shared by Ilkka Halava and Matti Apunen at our miniseminar in April 2021.

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Rekki: Shaping a sustainable future

The CEO and founder of Rekki, Bertta Häkkinen shares her thoughts and experiences on sustainable entrepreneurship, crowdfunding and the meaning of a good team around you.