Meet the team

Presenting our HUBS staff and the Growth Hacker students

HUBS staff

These are the people who spend most of their time at HUBS campuses. Or would spend without the Covid 19 -situation; at the moment most of the working is done remotely.

You can contact us with any question or situation in mind – we are here for you!

If you’re not quite sure who of us to contact, you can always mail us at That reaches us all and you can be sure to find the right person for your needs.

Contact person

Anna-Elina Pekonen

Project manager

I am a cosmopolitan of entrepreneurship, which is based on positivity and empathy. I create networks, lead projects and coach courses so that students have the courage and readiness to make their dreams come true.

Otherwise, I really enjoy brunches and joyful encounters with people.

Contact person

Joni Ramu

Team learning and Entrepreneurship Expert


I instil and spar good entrepreneurship and coach challenge-based team learning.

My answers are similar to problems and afterwork invitations: We’ll figure something.

Contact person

Kaisa Kokko


+358 50 337 3259

Experienced specialist in customer-oriented business and personnel development. Inspiring coach who believes in co-creation, culture of experimentation and design thinking.

Definitely the trip – not always the destination.

Contact person

Maria Ruokonen

Team coaching Specialist

I coach and spar students and student teams in entrepreneurship and team learning. I’m the coach in charge of ‘Go-to-Market -plan’ and ‘Building an Entrepreneurial Portfolio’ courses.
On my spare time, I’m most probably at the flamenco peña, on yoga mat or in forest.



Contact person

Marika Vuorenmaa

Team Leader

Enabler in heart and encourager by nature. I believe in building common entrepreneurial culture among TAMK and Tampere Univerisity.

A true optimist.

Contact person

Minttu Ripatti



An expert in entrepreneurship and interaction and an idea-rich and creative coach. I encourage courage but also failure.
I get excited about enabling small insights in a humans path towards a bigger whole.

Contact person

Raúl Berlanga Zarate


+358 44 328 7726

Experienced enthusiast of innovation, startups and multidisciplinary work. I love helping people get that “aha” moment and turning it into concrete tasks.

When the task at hand seems impossible, just shrug your shoulders and do it anyway!

Contact person

Saara Eriksson

Communications Specialist


A marketing unicorn. Building the HUBS brand and communications: aiming for the revolution of good entrepreneurship!

I get excited by everything new, good books and my own jokes – maybe yours as well if they’re good enough!

Contact person

Sanna Tahlo


+358 50 454 2262

I am a producer, who is an expert of team learning and also very much into entrepreneurship. I ask the right questions, coach, facilitate, and have responsibility for our event production.

My heart beats for sports, learning, thinking and people.

Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers is our multidisciplinary student team that is brought together by the interest in entrepreneurship and learning more about team skills and team leadership skills. A new student team is being built every year amongst the participants of the Growth Bootcamp.

The hackers form their own team that develop their skills in team work and team leadership. These students have an important role in making HUBS more known for the 30 000 students of Tampere University and TAMK.

Meet the Growth Hackers!

Contact person

Essi Viertola

Growth Hacker

Lifelong Learning and Education student, HUBS communicator in Growth Hackers team.

My superpowers are creativity, teaching/guiding and organizational skills.

Contact person

Maria Kukkula

Growth Hacker

Team builder of the Growth Hacker team and second year biomedical engineering student. Strengths: adaptability, time management and problem-solving.