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HUBS offers free-choice courses to all students at Tampere Universities regardless of their field of study and the year they are in.

HUBS opportunities in a nutshell:

On this page, you will find more information about HUBS’s core mission, our study programs for academic years 2024-2027, and instructions for course registration.

At HUBS, we assist students from the Tampere Universities community in evolving into socially responsible changemakers and sustainable entrepreneurs. We offer interdisciplinary studies, tools, mentoring for sustainable entrepreneurship, and career success.

Our courses are suitable for all students interested in entrepreneurship or developing entrepreneurial skills. We support students in entrepreneurship by providing sparring and tools for entrepreneurial activities. Our goal is to help students create a positive impact on themselves, their surroundings, and the planet.

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Our goal is to help students develop into socially responsible changemakers and sustainable entrepreneurs by:

In the HUBS Code of Conduct video (3:25), you will learn about the foundational elements of HUBS studies, including dialogue and teamwork, various tools used to support learning in our courses, connections to the working world through our courses, and HUBS values.

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In the picture is HUBS’s 2024-2027 study pyramid, showing all the courses.

Each course is somehow connected to the working life, businesses, or organizations. You can best understand our studies through the study pyramid above.
The entrepreneurship module is linked to the common learning outcome of Innovation at Tampere Universities. A special emphasis is placed on fostering a culture of experimentation and supporting both coaching-based and team-based learning. The module is suitable for students of all disciplines. 

Read more about challenge-based learning on the website of Tampere Universities. 

Online studies

Interdisciplinary team learning

Acting as a Entrepreneur

Building an Entrepreneurial Portfolio and HUBS Pre-Incubator are in Tampere University’s Sisu system.

Online courses, Sprint Innovation Festival, and other HUBS team-based studies are managed in Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Pakki system.

For any issues, contact hubs@tuni.

For technical issues or system malfunctions with the registration systems, please consult the respective support services for assistance.

If you have questions or want to know more about our courses, please book an appointment with Marika who is responsible for the HUBS study module.

We are happy to visit your class to introduce our activities to your students. If you are interested, drop us an email hubs@tuni.fi and we’ll be in touch!

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