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Entrepreneurial mindset

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MBA student Elina attended our Introduction to Entrepreneurship course and shared her thoughts on entrepreneurial mindset.

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Kuva: Elina Karlsson

This blog is written by Elina Karlsson, an MBA student of Haaga Helia who attended our Introduction to Entrepreneurship course via Campus online.

Do you want to take action?
You might have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Entrepreneurial mindset is described to be a set of skills or a way of thinking that enables you to make the most of opportunities and succeed in variable circumstances. Even if you are not interested in being an entrepreneur, there are many benefits in thinking like an entrepreneur!

So what is entrepreneurial mindset about? What does it mean?

#1 Everything happens so fast!

We live in a world that keeps changing at an increasing speed. The willingness to learn will help you to see the changes as possibilities rather than threats.

#2 What if..?

There are always problems. Find the problem you feel passionate about solving and make it your vision. Commit and be innovative. What if.. this can be done differently? More efficiently? Should this be done at all?

#3 Oops!

Made a mistake? That happens to all of us, and it will happen again. The most important thing is, did you learn something from it? If yes, take the lesson with you and keep going. If not, maybe you should revisit the topic and try viewing it from another perspective.

#4 Are you listening?

Imagine you go to a store and want to buy red apples. The store personnel however keep offering you the green ones. How do you feel? Irritated? Frustrated? Maybe you start thinking is there another store nearby..? Listen to the feedback you get from your co-workers, boss or customers and take action when it’s necessary.

#5 Not sure what to do?

Never has a decision been made based on 100% of the facts. Don’t be afraid to make decisions even with limited information and take chances.

#6 Let it go!

If something is not working or is just not for you, then let it go. Don’t waste your time and energy, use it for something else.

#7 Be passionate and enjoy!

Try to be the best version of yourself every day. There are good and bad days. Even after a bad day remember to give yourself credit, just for surviving the day if nothing else! Trust in your own abilities and enjoy your successes.

Entrepreneurial mindset – available to everyone

As you can now see, entrepreneurial mindset is not something that requires entrepreneurship, it’s something available to everyone. It’s a way of thinking that encourages innovation, continuous learning and taking responsibility for one’s actions. Entrepreneurial mindset is about having a vision and committing to it and not giving up when there are problems to solve, or mistakes made.

Entrepreneurial mindset reflects your attitude towards the work you do. In its core are commitment, unprompted actions, enthusiasm, innovation and taking responsibility. These are qualities necessary for an entrepreneur but also highly appreciated by employers. An employee with an entrepreneurial mindset is truly committed and interested in doing his or her work well.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

Albert Schweitzer

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