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Want to be part of the change?

We have the means and the will to help companies, organizations and other communities around us – with HUBS you will find solutions, network with the students of Tampere Universities and develop your organisation’s competencies. Learn more about our ways by contacting us or by reading this page forward!

Let students solve your problem 

We help the students at Tampere Universities to become socially responsible change makers and sustainable entrepreneurs. Do you want to be a part of this change and give these multidisciplinary teams an opportunity to test their skills and develop their competence with a real-life challenge?

By letting the students at HUBS to solve your challenge, you participate in building the work life of the future and you get new, innovative solutions and fresh perspective for your company or organization.

Find tomorrow’s treasures today! 

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Saara Eriksson

Development Specialist, Project Manager @Sprint


If you want to talk about your organization’s needs and opportunities, call or message Saara! 

How can we help you? 

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Kaisa Kokko


+358 50 337 3259

Interested in mentoring our students?
Contact Kaisa and let’s talk more!

Something completely different in mind?

If you want to create some next level shit with us, we are definitely open for new ideas! Call Ansku and let’s talk more – we love to try out things that might seem wild at first…

The event week was rewarding and inspiring. We got great ideas, thoughts and feedback from each team, that we are going to utilize in the future, both locally and in the whole Savings Bank (Säästöpankki) group.

Annika Peltola, head of marketing/marketing manager, Säästöpankki / Savings Bank Sinetti
Partner @Sprint Innovation Festival

What do we expect from our partner? 

We want to be proud of our partners. We are proud of the current ones, as we share a common belief of a sustainable future. Sustainability for us is not only ecological, but also economic and social sustainability. We are also ready to help new partners to join the road towards a sustainable future, as long as the direction is same: sustainably forward. 

Our motto is Be good, do good. We want to be good and do well and share good. We don’t always succeed but failing is a celebration of learning too. We hope our partners share the same kind of ideology, even though we rejoice the power of being different. We can always chat, so don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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