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Entrepreneurial skills – for you,
to create an impact. 

Free-choice sustainable entrepreneurship studies for Tampere Universities’ students.

Every higher education student needs entrepreneurial skills.

Entrepreneurial skills are a tool for influencing, changing or developing things that are perceived as important. With us you will learn Design Thinking, problem solving, spotting opportunities, team skills, ideation and creativity skills. HUBS’s free-choice studies in sustainable entrepreneurship will help you develop your skills. We also encourage you to try them out in practice!

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What do students think about HUBS studies?

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The course was inspiring and useful. It provided good preparation for entrepreneurial practices and, above all, inspiration for developing one’s own business.

Student feedback
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
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Had great teammates. Client was supportive and had good insights and comments given all throughout the process. There were a lot of practical activity and more time on group works and ideation rather than purely theoretical discussion.

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Go-to-Market Plan
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The course was great! It wasn’t too long, the questions were thought-provoking, and the content encouraged holistic thinking and growth as a person.

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Your journey starts here.

Explore the free-choice studies in sustainable entrepreneurship and choose courses that support your own path. You may be an entrepreneur, interested in entrepreneurship, or maybe you just want to develop your entrepreneurial skills. At HUBS, you are welcome to learn and experiment, regardless of your field of study or future plans! HUBS is primarily for students of Tampere Universities, but through Open UAS and CampusOnline you can also get involved from elsewhere.

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From Expert to Entrepreneur

Learn how to describe your knowledge, skills and competencies! Inspiring videos, articles, canvases and reflections!

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