Ethical guidelines for using AI in HUBS studies

How can you make a good use of artificial intelligence on our courses?

Ethical guidelines on using artificial intelligence on our courses

Updated on June 17, 2024, according to the Tampere Universities community guidelines. These instructions are also applicable to students from other universities and open university students.

The use of AI applications is generally allowed. Since using AI is a future skill, we encourage our students to experiment with AI in their coursework. For the highest level of data security, we recommend using Copilot available to all members of Tampere Universities. Log in with our TUNI credentials.

When using AI in HUBS online courses, please consider the following:



This guideline has been created by utilizing ChatGPT’s responses as well as the guidelines made by TAMK and TAU regarding the use of artificial intelligence in education.

If the coach suspects the honesty of the course performance, we will use a plagiarism prevention system and Moodle log data to investigate further. If necessary, we will address the suspected fraud according to Tampere higher education community’s guidelines for fraud cases.

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