Go-to-Market -plan

Commercializing a Product or a Service | Creating a business model | Multidisciplinary team skills | Problem Solving | Prototyping and Testing | Working life challenges

Learn how to develop a product or a service – in a sustainable way!

Go-to-Market -plan is an 8-week sprint where you will develop ideas from experiment to a concrete and sustainable launching plan – to create value and impact. You will co-operate and work in a multidisciplinary team together with the idea creator/owner.

The methods and tools of this course support sustainable business creation from economic, social and environmental perspective.

Clients and cases

Course information

Credits: 5 ects

Course code: NN00FP48-3001

Study method: Team work

Experience level: Practice your skills

Location: City Centre

Date: 26.10.–14.12.2021

Period: 2 / 2021-2022

Enrollment: 2.4.–11.10.2021

Organizer: HUBS


TAMK student
Pakki + course code NN00FP48-3001

TAU students
Cross-institutional service + course code NN00FP483001