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In cooperation towards sustainable development goals

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A Tampere based cleantech startup is partnering HUBS on Go-to-Market -plan courses in 2021-2022.

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Saara Eriksson

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Ozonium, a Finnish cleantech startup based in Tampere is piloting with HUBS studies a long-term partnership. Ozonium brings a case to Go-to-Market plan course starting in October 2021. The purpose is to continue and deepen the collaboration after the pilot.

Course’s coach Maria Ruokonen and the whole HUBS team is excited about the new partner with whom quality learning experiences for students can be built and to whom offer fresh solutions and close-knit student collaboration.

It is a great opportunity to pilot long-term partnership with Ozonium. For our students and partners the long-term partnerships enable more lasting collaboration and a platform for joint experiments and learning.

Maria Ruokonen
Coach at HUBS & Go-to-Market -plan course

Ozonium distributes and markets systems and solutions based on Ozone generation technology. They also offer consultancy services to help companies’ transition to a more ecologic disinfection and cleaning for their facilities.

Introducing students to sustainable business practices

Reyver Serna, the COO of Ozonium has been building the cooperation with HUBS and tells that the whole team is eagerly waiting to work together with the studens.

With this cooperation, we seek to get innovative ideas for a market entry plan of our products and services. We see that partnering with HUBS and the students at Tampere Universities is a good way to achieve that. However, most important to us is to introduce the students to the local economic ecosystem, especially around sustainable business practices and startup world.

Participating the course offers students a good test-ground to experiment their proposals and apply theoretical concepts learnt during studies in real-life environment and business cases. This is a good way to combine the academic and the entrepreneurial worlds.

Reyver Serna
COO, Ozononium Oy

Ozonium team got into HUBS collaboration via Subcontracting Trade Fair last year where Tampere University experts helped them to find services for Ozonium’s needs. “Ozononiums’ ‘Be good, Do good’ -attitude showcases a great example of a partner who shares our values and enables our students to learn in practice about the themes of sustainable entrepreneurship”, Maria, HUBS coach summarizes.

Practical experiences for students, inspiration and learnings for partners

For students, Go-to-Market plan course offers an opportunity to learn how to develop a product or a service from idea to a concrete launch plan with agile and customer centric methods, in a multidisciplinary team and in close collaboration with a client from working life”, tells Maria, coach of the course. For partners, this is an opportunity to learn something new about a commercialization process and from multidisciplinary student team’s insights and crystallizations gain inspiration and boost for market entry.

Go-to-Market -plan is an 8-week sprint where you will develop ideas from experiment to a concrete and sustainable launching plan – working in a multidisciplinary team together with the idea creator/owner.

For the students participating we want to send greetings and a warm welcome to this academic year 2021-2022. We are looking forward to start working with you and hearing all your ideas during this journey!

Reyver Serna
COO, Ozononium Oy

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