Foundations of Entrepreneurship

Commercializing a Product or a Service | Creating a business model | Developing an idea | Sustainable Entrepreneurship Studies (TAU.YHT.KEYR)

Note: This course, that begins 1.8.2024, will replace the Introduction to Entrepreneurship (5 credits) course.

Foundations of Entrepreneurship is a course that invites you to explore entrepreneurship from various perspectives. We examine entrepreneurship from a societal standpoint, from the entrepreneur’s point of view, through the eyes of the customer, and from the perspective of building a business, including the fundamentals of creating a business idea.

Entrepreneurship is not something that just happens; it requires planning, ambiguous actions, experimentation, and testing, as well as conscious thinking, but above all, perseverance.

This hands-on course is conducted entirely online, allowing for independent study.

Course information

Credits: 5 ects

Course code: NN00GY19-3001

Study method: Independent work

Experience level: Start with these

Location: Online

Date: 1.8.2024–31.7.2025

Period: 1–4

Organizer: HUBS


This is a non-stop course will begin 1.8.2024 and you can start the course on Moodle right away. You will study independently in your own pace.

TAMK students
Pakki  + course code NN00GY19-3001

TAU students
Cross-institutional service + course code NN00GY193001

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Open UAS
This course is also available via Open University of Applied Sciences.

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Contact person


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