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We are reforming because the world is changing too

The world is undergoing a transformation. We need to adapt to the changes that are taking place in our society and redefining the meaning of work and some of our long-established values. Here is a rundown of four major global changes that have led to a new wave of entrepreneurship at Tampere Universities.

Change 1: The world is nonlinear.

Rather than A leading directly to B, we are likely to encounter unexpected bumps and take detours along the way. When we make the transition into the working world, even a high-quality education does not necessarily guarantee a permanent position and a long career. In the future, employees will increasingly adopt an entrepreneurial approach where they create their own project, put together their own team and overcome any challenges that come their way. With the pace of change accelerating, other types of structures will not be enough to keep up.

Change 2: There is more to work than work.

Work is part of our identity, and most people place a high priority on finding meaningful work. Young people want to pursue a career that matches their values; they are not out to only make money or do something out of moral obligation. More than two thirds of the respondents of the 2019 Youth Barometer survey (respondents aged 15 to 29 years) found an entrepreneurial mindset to be useful in any job.

Change 3: Everything is connected to sustainable development.

As there is more to work than earning a living, values play an important role. HUBS as part of the Tampere Universities community is looking to highlight the potential of entrepreneurship to do good in the world and drive positive change. We want to stimulate creative thinking and support the development of expertise to promote the creation of sustainable new businesses that are not only profitable but also deliver social and environmental value.

Change 4: There is nothing unusual about entrepreneurship.

The appreciation of entrepreneurship is on the rise. A recent survey conducted by Suomen Yrittäjät, the national association for entrepreneurs in Finland, demonstrates that one third of university students are eager to start their own business (Suomen Yrittäjät: From Student to Entrepreneur 2019). To achieve this, we need to offer encouragement, provide expertise and build networks. We at HUBS are committed to our work and will continue stirring up interest in good entrepreneurship among university students. We want to bust the old myths about entrepreneurship and offer fresh and realistic insights instead. Entrepreneurship is not an anomaly but a normal career path.

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