Futures Studies and Foresight Methods

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Futures studies can be defined as a systematic study of possible future events and circumstances. Foresight is the perceiving and analysis of the alternative futures and the choices which are related to them. In other words, futures studies and foresight both refer to investigate the futures, and foresight specifically refers to the use of futures research methods and techniques for management purposes.

During this online course, you will study the basics of futures studies and foresight methods. Some particular materials have been especially put forth, but you will quite soon find out, that there are numerous paths, both academic and practice oriented, beyond the requirements of this course to follow. In a similar fashion, it doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, work in a large public sector institution, or something in between, you can apply the principles and practices of futures studies and foresight.

This course is part of a set of online courses focused on futures studies and foresight delivered by our visiting lecturer Mika Boedeker.

Other courses in this set include:

Note: it is not required to join all courses in this series. You can also enroll for just one course. However, if you are not familiar with the basics of futures studies and/or the basic types of futures knowledge, it is recommended that you complete Introduction to Futures Studies and Foresight and/or Types of Futures Knowledge first.

This is a non-stop course and you can enroll anytime you want. You will study independently in your own pace.

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Futures Studies and Foresight Methods -course is part of our 24H Online Library that consists of multiple 1 ects courses that will take about 24 hours of work to complete. You can put together a set of courses that serve your needs or you can choose just one – you decide!

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Credits: 1 ects

Course code: NN00FQ20-3002

Study method: Independent work

Experience level: Start with these

Location: Online

Date: Non-stop

Organizer: HUBS


This is a non-stop course and you can start the course on Moodle right away. You will study independently in your own pace.

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Contact person

Contact person

Kuva Mika Boedekerista

Mika Boedeker

Senior Lecturer, Ph.D. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.)
School of Business and Media
Tampere University of Applied Sciences