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Growth Hackers -Spring 2023

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Did you know HUBS has a very own student team? The team called Growth Hackers organizes events and spreads the word about entrepreneurial studies and activities at Tampere Universities. Meet the team of Spring 2023!

As Growth Hackers, our goal this term is to create meaningful connections between students and HUBS, be it from encouraging innovation or igniting curiosity. While trying to grow and engage the HUBS community, we would also like to develop ourselves. We used learning contracts as a platform to figure out what we want to achieve and develop, and how we could do this through HUBS. Our team motto, much like HUBS, is “learning by doing” and this semester we bring you a variety of events, where you as well as us will “learn by doing” a lot of activities, both fun and informative. We hope you enjoy!

Soonie, Pinja, Alil and Sushi

Meet the team

Dhanushi / “Sushi”

Role: Team Leader

I’m Dhanushi and I’m currently studying bachelor’s in Science and Engineering. I began my HUBS journey during my first year where I took courses in marketing and innovative solution finding, which have enabled me to grow as a person and an entrepreneur. From the unique learning style to the great coaches, I loved every minute of it! As part of the Growth Hacker-team, I would love to help other students find the joy and wonder that I discovered when being a part of HUBS!  



Role: HUBS Performing Club

I’m a second year student of administration science and an optimist infatuated with the HUBS-ideology. My dream is to found and host HUBS performing club for this spring.

Ihminen istumassa sängyllä, HUBSin musta t-paita päällä


Role: Events

I’m studying Entrepreneurship and Team leadership at Proakatemia. I believe entrepreneurship is about being an agent for change, whether big or small. And I have been learning that being courageous might not be enough to make a change, but it is possible with a good team where you can find trust and empathy. At HUBS, I’ll be in charge of event coordination, making good impacts with the help of a great team.  



Role: Marketing

I am currently a master’s degree student in Human-Technology Interaction. I got to know about HUBS through Sprint Innovation Festival and other HUBS courses, and now as part of the Growth Hacker team, I would like to develop my own social and networking skills while promoting HUBS’ value to my fellow students. 


HUBS Hacker Hotline

How can you reach the Growth Hackers if there’s something to ask or perhaps an event idea you would like to happen by HUBS? You can contact the team for example in Telegram:

Pinja Tiensuu – @Pinzatie
Alil Kuizon – @akuizon
Soonie Shin – @soonieshin3
Dhanushi Srinivasan – @dhanushi_9

Interested in becoming one?

If you get interested in becoming a HUBS Growth Hacker, it is possible twice a year. We recruit new members in Spring and in the end of the year. Usually we wish for Growth Hackers to commit for one year but that is not a deal breaker either. We form the team depending on the situation!

Contact person

Profiilikuva, jonka taustalla HUBSin logo

Ira Salminen

Community Coordinator


Ira is coordinating the Growth Hackers. If you are interested in the role of a Growth Hacker, you can contact Ira.


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