HUBS recruits: Join our student team!

We are looking for new members to join our Growth Hackers -team. Apply latest 3rd of December 2021. Our current team members; Victoria, Annika, Jenni and Jussi are already eager to meet you!

Growth Hackers -student team has an important role in promoting HUBS amongst the students of Tampere Universities.

What does HUBS do?

We offer free-choice studies that develop the skills and knowledge of students around the themes of innovation and entrepreneurship. We support students who are planning to become entrepreneurs or have already become entrepreneurs in our Sparring clinic, through our mentor network and in our courses, that help to develop one’s own business idea and versatile skills that are needed as an entrepreneur. Our activities are open for every student in the Tampere Universities, regardless the field or year of study.

Growth Hackers standing outside of HUBS premises in a queue, with funny faces.

As a team member of HUBS, each Growth Hacker gets the chance to enhance, depending on their own strengths and interests, for example teamwork skills, performance skills, event production, sales & marketing and also coaching.

I started in the summer of 2021 as a marketing coordinator for Growth Hackers and in the fall I became the Team Leader for Growth Hackers.
I have learned a lot about innovating, implementing and documenting projects. HUBS has good, clear tools and also the freedom to develop one’s own operating methods.

I have really enjoyed working with new student acquaintances and inspiring coaches. HUBS’s competent team is happy to teach you almost anything that interests you. There are many and very different tasks, fortunately not everything has to be done but we can choose as a team what we’ll execute.

I have given a 15min speech in English in a webinar, held lectures (2 hours long), learnt team leader skills like leading meetings, gaining an overall picture and creating team spirit. I’ve also practiced networking, and have seen in practice a close team effort and problem-solving ability. In this job, there are no boring weeks! In addition, being a Growth Hacker also looks pretty nice on my CV 😉!

Jenni Virta
Growth Hacker 2021

How to apply?

We are looking for your informal application where you

  • tell us about yourself and why you’re interested in joining us as a Growth Hacker
  • describe how you would like to develop yourself during the next year


You can apply for a Growth Hacker position if

  • you are a student of Tampere University or Tampere University of Applied Sciences

If you have already attended our courses, it’s a bonus!

Working hours and compensation

As a Growth Hacker your work is flexible depending on your situation, for example studies. However, you will also need to adjust to the team’s schedules and activities.

Contact person


Sanna Tahlo


+358 50 454 2262

Send Sanna your informal application, latest 3rd of December 2021.

Sanna is coaching the Growth Hacker team.

Working hours are 8 per week and we are hoping for your commitment to HUBS from September 2021 to December 2022. The compensation we pay for a Growth Hacker is 12,55 euros per hour.

I joined Growth Hackers last fall. During the past year, I have been able to organize events, implement my ideas and get to know great people across campus boundaries! My development targets were especially teamwork, English language skills and performing. These and many other things, such as using Canva and assisting in courses, I got to train throughout the season.

English proficiency and performance were put to the test when I was able to host a Kahoot quiz in April for an event with participants from 19 different countries! HUBS’s work community is wonderful, and things are done with a twinkle in the eye. I can only warmly recommend becoming a Growth Hacker!

Maria Kukkula
Growth Hacker 2020-2021

Ask us!

If you want to know more about working as a Growth Hacker before clicking send on your application, we are here for you! Jenni and Jussi are happy to answer your questions and share their experiences from their journey at HUBS.

Contact person

Jussi Laurila

Growth Hacker 2021

Telegram: @jussilaurila

Master of Social Science (sociology), entrepreneur and time management coach.

Always open for interesting conversations and learning from others. Curious to find best possible ways for developing individuals in a group.