Join as a team member in HUBS’s student team!

We’re seeking new members for the Growth Hackers team, consisting of students from the Tampere Universities community (TAU/TAMK). This flexible part-time role (7-8 hours per week) is a fantastic opportunity for students interested in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills. Apply by Sunday, November 19th!

The purpose of the Growth Hackers student team is to promote HUBS’s visibility among students in the Tampere University community. Typical tasks involve event organization (such as various workshops, HUBS presentations, and events designed by the team) and creating content for HUBS’s social media channels.

We are now looking for two new team members! You can be at any stage of your studies and from any field!




HUBS offers free-choice studies in sustainable entrepreneurship for the entire Tampere Universities community. We support students aspiring to become entrepreneurs or those already in the field through Sparring Clinic, a mentor network, and courses that help develop their own business ideas and diverse skills. Students from any field and at any stage of their studies are welcome to join our courses and activities!

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The HUBS team is excited about new ideas, and we encourage our student team to create inspiring content and events – from a student to another! Within the framework of HUBS activities, each Growth Hacker has the opportunity to develop skills such as teamwork, public speaking, event planning, marketing, sales, and coaching based on their own interests and strengths.

Interested? This is how you apply:

Submit a brief introduction video about yourself by Sunday, November 19th. The team is international, so the working language is primarily English. Please apply in English! The selection process will involve Ira and the existing student team members.

Contact person

Profiilikuva, jonka taustalla HUBSin logo

Ira Salminen

Community Coordinator


Send your video application to Ira by November 19th.
You can reach her via Telegram (@iralalala) or by email.

Send us a video of about two minutes in which you introduce yourself: what you are studying, why you are interested in this position (your motivation), and what you would like to learn during next year. The video can be authentic and casual!

Send your video to Ira, who is in charge of the student team, by November 19th, either

  • via Telegram @iralalala
  • by email:

Based on the video, we will invite you to a group interview at Tampere University of Applied Sciences on November 22nd, from 12:30 to 13:30. Please make sure you are available during that time when you apply!

We will respond to suitable applicants during the application period (and no later than Monday morning) so please apply soon!

Working hours & compensation

As a Growth Hacker, you work flexibly according to your own situation, coordinating with the team.

The working hours are divided into two periods: 110 hours in the spring and 110 hours in the fall. Work is only done during the academic year. With an evenly distributed workload, the weekly commitment is approximately 7-8 hours. The compensation is 12.55 € per hour, paid quarterly.

Still thinking about it? Any additional questions about the job description can be sent directly to our current Growth Hackers, and recruitment-related questions can be directed to Ira.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Contact person

Tatiana Menshakova

Growth Hacker

Hello! I am a current graduate from Master’s Degree student in Teaching, Learning and Media Education, deeply passionate about the transformative power of education. Recognizing the importance of entrepreneurial skills in today’s world, I am thrilled to be in a Growth Hackers’ team. My role encompasses event organization and driving marketing initiatives at HUBS, allowing me to foster invaluable entrepreneurial skills among students. Let’s ignite entrepreneurship to empower our student community!

Contact person

Maaz Khan

Growth Hacker

As a master’s degree student in Industrial Engineering and Management, I am a person who is always curious to learn new things and improve myself. HUBS has provided me the platform to discover myself by trying out new things and positively influencing others. As a growth hacker, I’ll be organizing activities with my team that will assist students in their self-discovery process by compelling them to step out of their comfort zone.

Contact person

Punahiuksinen nainen hymyilee kameralle selfiessä.

Iris Pajunen

Growth hacker

Hello! I study international politics and enjoy ice swimming. In HUBS, I’m particularly interested in innovations, presentation skills, and the societal dimension of businesses. I believe entrepreneurial skills are beneficial for everyone as they are needed to change the world. As a Growth Hacker, the best part is organizing events that provide students with tools to discover and promote things that matter to them.

Contact person

Leila Ali

Growth hacker

My goal is to provide a safe space for as many students as possible, where they can challenge themselves and learn new things. I am studying entrepreneurship and team leadership at Proakatemia, where I learn something new every day. I believe that entrepreneurial skills are essential now and in the future. I am excited that I can support you specifically in developing these skills at HUBS. Please feel free to contact me; I will do my best to help and am ready to discuss.