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Entrepreneurial skills – for you,
to create an impact. 

Every higher education student needs entrepreneurial skills.

Entrepreneurial skills are a tool for influencing, changing or developing things that are perceived as important. With us you will learn Design Thinking, problem solving, spotting opportunities, team skills, ideation and creativity skills.

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Sprint Innovation Festival

Kaksi ihmistä Sprint Innovation Festivalin juontolavalla

Sprint Innovation Festival is happening for the 10th time! Enrollment for students is now open. The partners and their challenges have been published.

Student, time to enroll is NOW!

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Enrollment is on for autumn courses!

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Building an Entrepreneurial Portfolio

Transform your practical experience on entrepreneurship and your working life skills into credits!

  • Enrollment open
  • Credits 1-20

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Go-to-Market Plan

Learn how to create a concrete and implementable go-to-market plan for a product or a service – in a sustainable way! An 8 week sprint with a team and a partner.

  • Enrollment open
  • Credits 5

Practice your skills

Future Board Practices

Experienced specialists and board members coaching you in the themes of company board and management!

  • Enrollment open
  • Credits 5
  • Finnish required

Since I knew very little about entrepreneurship before this course, I have learned a tremendous amount. The course was really interesting and varied. It was nice to hear about many different ways of working as an entrepreneur and getting different perspectives on entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship was a particularly interesting topic.

Feedback from a student
Introduction to Entrepreneurship course, 2020

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Communication – the key to a successful team?

Four students of Tampere Universities; Juline, Yassi, Vijay and Pekka participated our Go-to-Market Plan course and really rocked their team work. What could we learn from their experience?

From student to knowledge worker

Jussi Laurila, a brand new master of Social Science and a fresh Growth Hacker at HUBS, ponders his transition from university student to entrepreneur.

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