HUBS Self-Branding Workshop on Wednesday 10.4. at 15

Hervanta, opetustila Puruk Cahu (PB133). | 10.4.2024 | 15-16:30

Come and join us at HUBS Self-Branding workshop on April 10th, from 15 to 16:30. This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to stand out and be remembered for what makes them special, even if you’re new to the idea of self-branding.

You will discover how to engage any audience, make authentic connections, and use your persona to leave a memorable impression. Through interactive activities and practical advice, you’ll learn to communicate your brand with confidence.

What can you achieve with a self-branding workshop?

  • Learn simple ways to communicate what makes you unique, so you can catch the eye of employers or clients.
  • Gain confidence in meeting new people and making strong connections.
  • Boost your chances in job interviews by focusing on your strengths.
  • Discover how personal branding can lead to exciting job opportunities and fulfilling work

The workshop is held by development specialist Saara Eriksson. She represents Tampere Universities sustainable entrepreneurship HUBS-team.

This workshop will take place at the Hervanta campus, main building. It takes place at a co-working room (PB133, Puruk Cahu). The event will be held in English. Delicious snacks will be provided for all participants.

This workshop is a great way to learn how to showcase your talents and interests in a way that feels true to you, in a laid-back and supportive environment.

Approximately 20 participants can fit in. Based on the registrations, we also estimate the catering:

The event has been organised by

Contact person

Tatiana Menshakova

Growth Hacker

Hello! I am a current graduate from Master’s Degree student in Teaching, Learning and Media Education, deeply passionate about the transformative power of education. Recognizing the importance of entrepreneurial skills in today’s world, I am thrilled to be in a Growth Hackers’ team. My role encompasses event organization and driving marketing initiatives at HUBS, allowing me to foster invaluable entrepreneurial skills among students. Let’s ignite entrepreneurship to empower our student community!

Contact person

Maaz Khan

Growth Hacker

As a master’s degree student in Industrial Engineering and Management, I am a person who is always curious to learn new things and improve myself. HUBS has provided me the platform to discover myself by trying out new things and positively influencing others. As a growth hacker, I’ll be organizing activities with my team that will assist students in their self-discovery process by compelling them to step out of their comfort zone.

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Punahiuksinen nainen hymyilee kameralle selfiessä.

Iris Pajunen

Growth Hacker

Hello! I study international politics and enjoy ice swimming. In HUBS, I’m particularly interested in innovations, presentation skills, and the societal dimension of businesses. I believe entrepreneurial skills are beneficial for everyone as they are needed to change the world. As a Growth Hacker, the best part is organizing events that provide students with tools to discover and promote things that matter to them.

Contact person

Leila Ali

Growth hacker

My goal is to provide a safe space for as many students as possible, where they can challenge themselves and learn new things. I am studying entrepreneurship and team leadership at Proakatemia, where I learn something new every day. I believe that entrepreneurial skills are essential now and in the future. I am excited that I can support you specifically in developing these skills at HUBS. Please feel free to contact me; I will do my best to help and am ready to discuss.