Performing Club

HUBS, TAU City Centre | 10.3.–21.4.2023 | 17-19 pm

HUBS Performing Club

Your palms are sweaty, your legs are shaking, a bright light blocking your view, and hundreds of people waiting as a hush falls over the crowd, waiting for you to begin… Well, worry no more, for HUBS Performing Club is here!

The HUBS Performing Club is a 7-week journey for students to practice public speaking with other students. We gather on Fridays between March 10 and April 21, 2023. You get to step up to the stage in each session and help other students to grow too! You can join with zero experience but bring your learn-by-doing mindset and be ready to throw yourself in! Each session includes mini-activating lectures and performing tasks. You will earn a HUBS Performing Club badge for attending!


Contact person


Pinja Tiensuu

Growth Hacker

Feel free to contact Pinja if you have any questions about the HUBS Performing Club!

@pinzatie (Telegram)

Choose your group and sign up!

You can choose from 3 groups based on your language skills:

  1. English Group (18-19 pm)
  2. Finnish group (18-19 pm)
  3. Hybrid group (17-18 pm)

In Hybrid group mini lectures are held in English, but Finnish translations are available. You can also choose whether you perform in Finnish or English. Hybrid group is intended for students, who understand and can communicate with both languages. You can attend to a Hybrid group, if you want to practice your second language with a low threshold and to be able to switch languages.

Our maximum is 20 students in each group. So, first come first served. We will inform you about group choices as fast as possible.

WHEN? Fridays 10.3.-21.4.2023

WHERE? HUBS premises, City Centre Campus

WHO? Students!

WHY? To get better with public speaking!

Join with sign-up link below!