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Nordic Star: TAMK Team Learning Summer Bootcamp

Tampere 8. – 19.8.2022

How to be a great team member? 
How to make a group to become a team?
How to evolve a team into a competence-creating team? 

These are relevant questions in the working life, and you will find the answers at our bootcamp. Welcome to Tampere, Finland in August – spend two awesome weeks learning about teamwork and enjoying Finnish summer activities!

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Bootcamp was an amazing platform to discuss and learn about teamwork, team formation and human interaction. Definitely a useful course for all lovers of good teamwork.

Anonym feedback from a learner 

The course had a great atmosphere and the interaction worked brilliantly! Even though I took part in the course for the second time, this time as an assistant coach, I got a lot of new insights especially in teamwork.

Maria Kukkula, Assistant Coach and a student

Application deadline is 31.5.2022!

Information about the bootcamp

This is Finland!

Here are some inspirational and useful links to get to know Finland and Tampere, the city where the bootcamp is going to happen.

Visit Tampere’s website

Information about education in Finland

Information about Finland

Visit Finland’s website

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Welcome to Tampere in August 2022!

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Picture: Visit Tampere / Laura Vanzo:
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