Summer Internship with Startups

Commercializing a Product or a Service | Design Thinking | Multidisciplinary team skills | Problem Solving | Sales and Marketing | Sustainable Entrepreneurship Studies (TAU.YHT.KEYR) | Working life challenges

Enrollment period for this course has ended.

Would you like to roll up your sleeves and start your summer with practical team experience with local business partners?

Summer Internship with Startups (5-10 ects) is a practical 8-week experience that is executed like a proper internship. You will co-operate and work in a student team together with a local company and their business case. Summer Internship with Startups enables you to develop your expertise, as well as working life and entrepreneurial skills.

Systemic learning

The figure below illustrates the systemic learning used in HUBS studies. In this course, you will not listen passively to lectures, but will produce information, experiment and learn by acting for yourself!

A visualization of HUBS Systemic Learning Model. Learner, your team, other teams, customer (case provider), customer's customers, Tampere Universities community, the local ecosystem, coaches, sources
HUBS Systemic Learning Model

Business partners and cases

Course information

Credits: 5-10 ects

Course code: NN00GD82-3001

Study method: Team work

Experience level: Practice your skills

Date: 2.5.–21.6.2023

Enrollment: 17.3.–24.4.2023

Organizer: HUBS


Enrollment period has ended.

Contact person

Contact person

Maria Ruokonen

Team coaching Specialist

I coach and spar students and student teams in entrepreneurship and team learning, both on HUBS courses and on Sparring Clinic.
On my spare time, I’m most probably at the flamenco peña, on yoga mat or in forest.




Contact person

Profiilikuva valkoisella taustalla

Jarmo Tuominiemi



I’m a problem solver and developer by heart.

Innovation and co-creation educator and facilitator with a broad industry experience on innovation driven higher education ecosystem leadership and building industry driven business-university collaboration on global scale.

Contact person

Emilia Joki

Emilia Joki