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Do you want to learn how to lead your life?

This short self-leadership course provides you with some insights on how to organize your work more efficiently, how study-engagement affects you and the people around you and how do you transform your learnings into value for yourself and others. You will explore videos, articles, canvases, dialogue and and reflection as tools to get to the bottom of your own ways to lead your path.

This course is part of HUBS 24H Online Library. You can choose these 1 ect courses as many as you like and work on your skills in self-leadership, sustainable entrepreneurship and sales & marketing.

Visiting lecturer Miia Savaspuro

The course includes a guest lecture by Miia Savaspuro.

Miia Savaspuro, 2021. Picture: Susanna Kekkonen

Miia Savaspuro is a working life and communication expert, coach and author. Miia’s core competencies include self-leadership, leadership, strategies, organizational culture development, message crystallization and media coaching. She is a strong believer of direct speech, empathy and concreteness.

Miia Savaspuro on LinkedIn

Course information

Credits: 1 ects

Course code: NN00FQ15-3002

Study method: Independent work

Experience level: Start with these

Location: Online

Date: Non-stop

Organizer: HUBS


This is a non-stop course and you can start the course on Moodle right away. You will study independently in your own pace.

TAMK students
Pakki + course code NN00FQ15-3002

TAU students
Cross-institutional service + course code is NN00FQ15-3002

! TAU-student: Cross-Institutional Service will be closed on 31st of May – 31st of July. During that period, you can already start and do the course on Moodle. In August you have to sign up officially in Cross-Institutional Service and after that coach will register you and you will get your credits.

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Open UAS
This course is also available via Open University of Applied Sciences.

Contact person

Contact person

Anna-Elina Pekonen

Relationship manager, coach