Modern Digital Selling

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Hey you, fresh entrepreneur (or someone else interested in entrepreneurship)!

This course is a strong shot of digital selling that will provide you basic info in an interesting and easily digestible way.

How to you set goals and track process in digital sales? 
How can you use buyer personas in digital sales? 
How do you help and create value to customers instead of pushing? 
How do you convert leads into customers? 
How do you do selling 100% online? 

This course provides an introduction into digital sales. During this online course you will get an overview into different areas of digital selling including social selling, using buyer personas and organizing online sales meetings. We recommend this course for all aspiring entrepreneurs but why not for anyone who wants to increase their skills in modern digital sales!

Self-paced online-learning makes this course easy to add on your studies whenever you have the time and the need for these skills!

Online courses to match your needs

Modern Digital Selling -course is part of our 24H Online Library that consists of multiple 1 ects courses that will take about 24 hours to complete. You can put together a set of courses that serve your needs or you can choose just one – you decide!

Course information

Credits: 1 ects

Course code: NN00FO11-3004

Study method: Independent work

Experience level: Start with these

Location: Online

Date: Non-stop

Organizer: HUBS


This is a non-stop course and you can start the course on Moodle right away. You will study independently in your own pace.

TAMK student
Pakki + course code NN00FO11-3004

TAU student
Cross-institutional service + course code NN00FO11-3004

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Open UAS
This course is also available via Open University of Applied Sciences.

Contact person

Contact person

Miina Kivelä


040 63 73 812

I coach students live and on cool online courses. I become inspired by visually beautiful things and all new digital stuff. On my courses I want to inspire my students to develop themselves and to take responsibility on their own future.

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