Copyrights & Contracts

Do you want to work in the creative business?
On this course you will be provided a good insight to work in the creative industries, such as music business and film production. Most of the contracts deal with immaterial rights. They are what you own, sell and buy.

Course information

Credits: 5 ects

Course code: IM00FY03-3001

Study method: Mixed: independent and team work

Experience level: Start with these

Location: Online

Date: 24.10.–31.12.2022

Period: 2 / 2022-2023

Organizer: TAMK / Media & Arts


Enrollment begins in the beginning of autumn 2022.

This course is available for both TAMK and TAU students (via Cross-Institutional Servive) and also via Open UAS.

Contact person

Contact person

Tomi Leino

Senior Lecturer in Business and Media-unit, TAMK