Building an Entrepreneurial Portfolio

Developing an idea

Create a personal plan with the support of a HUBS coach and start developing your entrepreneurial skills! This course is an almost magical way to turn your practical experience into credits, which is pretty cool!

Building an Entrepreneurial Portfolio is a way to bring your practical experience about entrepreneurship and working skills to be part of your curriculum. Relevant examples of such a practical experience are for example developing a business idea or existing business, volunteering to work in an entrepreneurial association or training program related to entrepreneurship or working life skills (for example accelerator etc.)

Building an Entrepreneurial Portfolio is usually done individually, but you can also team up with your friend and complete some tasks together!

Course information

Credits: 1-20 ects

Course code: NN00FP47-3002

Study method: Mixed: independent and team work

Experience level: Practice your skills

Location: TAMK, Kauppi

Period: 3-4 / 2021-2022

Enrollment: 1.11.2021–1.6.2022

Organizer: HUBS


TAMK student
Pakki + course code NN00FP47-3002

TAU students
Cross-institutional service + course code NN00FP473002

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Contact person

Contact person

Maria Ruokonen

Team coaching Specialist

I coach and spar students and student teams in entrepreneurship and team learning, both on HUBS courses and on Sparring Clinic.
On my spare time, I’m most probably at the flamenco peña, on yoga mat or in forest.