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From a team to a company: Murrost Oy and the challenges of sustainable living

| Entrepreneurial journey, Student experience

The multidisciplinary team shares their thoughts on entrepreneurship and studying at HUBS.

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Who are you?

We are a new startup, formed by four like-minded students. The team was born out of a desire to develop easily adopted solutions of every-day life, that are used to create more sustainable living and consuming habits. Each of us completes the team with the knowledge we have collected from our own field of study: Antti Herkman and Vera Nieminen both study politics at the Tampere University, Miisa Hiltunen is studying team entrepreneurship at Proakatemia and Roosa Liias is studying business at TAMK. We got to know each other at InnoEvent (now Sprint Innovation Festival) in 2019, where our challenge was to innovate a startup idea around sustainable development. Since then, we have worked especially around the problems of sustainable living.

Now we are developing a sharing service for items called Share & Save, for apartment communities. The purpose of it to make the everyday life of the residents easier, and also promote the sharing economy in people’s everyday lives. With the service, the residents can book and borrow through a digital platform, various house items and other equipment for them to use.

What have you done at HUBS?

We have mainly taken our business idea forward with the help of HUBS courses. The first course was Innovation Challenges and then with Startup Experience Pre-incubator. Along with the courses, we have got a lot of other support from HUBS, like sparring. Also an outside perspective on, for example, marketing, has been helpful.

HUBS has also helped us build our networks and one of the biggest offerings from the course is that you get to know other student startups. We have also been actively pushed out of our comfort zones by HUBS, which has allowed us to grow and develop.

What do you think of entrepreneurship?

Study years are the right time to try entrepreneurship: test out different things and try what works and what doesn’t. Entrepreneurship is also a way to challenge yourself: test your self-leadership skills and, in our case, also teamwork. Creating something new from scratch might be the best.

We also believe that with a business, it is possible to promote certain things (for example sustainable development) that are close to our hearts. With an ethically and ecologically sustainable business, you can change the world as much as with activism and organizational activities!

What are your next steps?

Our biggest project for the year is a pilot of the Share & Save service, conducted for TOAS. There we get to test the service in practice and collect feedback about the service from the users.

Currently we are focusing on developing different aspects of our business and the Share & Save service. Talking about developing our business idea, we are planning to apply to the Red Brick Accelerator program. Of course, we also strive to increase our awareness among future customers and service users. 

HUBS has helped us build our networks. We have also been actively pushed out of our comfort zones by HUBS, which has allowed us to grow and develop.

Murrost Oy about studying at HUBS

Tell something about your journey at HUBS

This is a cliché but together you can go further. We certainly wouldn’t be in our current point if we wouldn’t have utilized the support and encouragement from HUBS.


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