Boost your on-stage confidence! Body Language Workshop on 26.3.

26.3.2024 | 14-16

During this practical afternoon you will gain concrete tips on how to take over a stage, present confidently, interact with your audience, and utilize your body language effectively. The topics are also elaborated on through light interactive exercises.

The workshop is hosted by coach Raúl Berlanga Zarate, who represents Tampere Universities sustainable entrepreneurship HUBS-team.

The body language workshop will be organized on Tuesday 26.3 at 14-16 on the University’s city center campus. It takes place in the Lyhty-space located in the campus’ inner yard. The event will be held in English. Delicious snacks will be provided for all participants.

A confident attitude and performing skills benefit everyone whether on a date, in a job interview, or while giving a course presentation. The workshop is meant for everyone and is beginner friendly. Join us and level up your confidence!

Please sign up in order to estimate the amount of participants and catering: