Summer Challenges 2021

Design Thinking | Multidisciplinary team skills | Prototyping and Testing | Working life challenges

Are you ready to solve interesting challenges by Glope Hope, together with a multidisciplinary team using Design Thinking and team learning?

In this summer edition of Innovation Challenges (6-8 ects) it’s all about solving problems in real life project in a multidisciplinary team. You will learn to develop a concept and to use team learning to solve complicated problems. You will also develop valuable working life skills like performing, networking and successful team working.

This year our partner is Glope Hope, a true pioneer in circular economy and in creating uncompromisingly sustainable designs since 2003!

The course is built like an innovation process in practice and includes also materials and performing the outcome. If you want, you can complete this course as a part of your practical training.

I feel very supported by my team members and also by the coaches and assistant project managers. The atmosphere is very open and welcoming and it’s easy to say if something is bothering me or not going as I wanted things to go.

Constant feedback has been very helpful and it makes it easier to make progress.

Feedback from a student
Summer Challenges 2020

Minttu, Joni and Raul were super nice coaches, helpful and have a lot of valuable information. We as students were treated as valuable assets rather than nuisances which I appreciate a lot. I liked the workshops the coaches held, especially the ones held by Raul.

I loved the fact that the course was remote work since I would’ve not been able to take part if “real life” participation would’ve been required. Overall, the course was organized amazingly well and I definitely will recommend HUBS in the future!

Feedback from a student
Summer Challenges 2020

Course information

Credits: 6-8 ects

Course code: NN00FD73-3013

Study method: Team work

Experience level: Practice your skills

Location: Online

Date: 10.5.–24.6.2021

Enrollment: 9.3.–3.5.2021

Organizer: HUBS


Enroll to Summer Challenges 2021 with the course code NN00FD73-3013. 

TAMK student: Pakki
TAU student: Through cross-institutional study services 

If you plan to include the course in your practical training, please make sure the applicability to your degree with your teacher first!
After you’ve made sure the practical training is applicable, in addition to the course enrollment, fill this Agreement form on practical training:

Contact person

Contact person

Minttu Ripatti

Minttu Ripatti