Innovation Challenges (ECIU)

Design Thinking | Developing an idea | Multidisciplinary team skills | Problem Solving | Prototyping and Testing | Working life challenges

Innovation Challenges (ECIU) is all about solving real-life problems in multidisciplinary and international teams. You will learn about developing user-based solutions, utilizing multidisciplinary expertise and a whole bunch of valuable working life skills like critical thinking, creativity and successful teamwork. 

This course is built to follow the design thinking process for innovation in practice and relies on self-guidance, a cornerstone of challenge-based learning. From the broad topics given by external clients, teams will form their own challenges based on their interests and real needs of the community. 

Innovation Challenges (ECIU) is an international version of our own Innovation Challenges, which means that the course is open for learners in 14 different ECIU-universities around Europe, but we also hope to see learners from Tampere Universities! 

The challenges

Course information

Credits: 5 ects

Course code: NN00FO34-3002

Study method: Team work

Experience level: Practice your skills

Location: Online

Date: 25.10.–17.12.2021

Period: 2 / 2021-2022

Enrollment: 1.8.–17.10.2021

Organizer: HUBS & ECIU


TAMK student
Pakki + course code NN00FO34-3002

TAU students
Cross-institutional service + course code NN00FO343002

Contact person

Contact person

Raúl Berlanga Zarate


+358 44 328 7726

Experienced enthusiast of innovation, startups and multidisciplinary work. I love helping people get that “aha” moment and turning it into concrete tasks.

When the task at hand seems impossible, just shrug your shoulders and do it anyway!