Innovation Challenges

Design Thinking | Multidisciplinary team skills | Problem Solving | Prototyping and Testing

Innovation Challenges course presents you a set of working life and societal challenges and invites you to find solution proposals. The goal is to practice innovative thinking and promote sustainable development.

At this time around we offer a challenge from the “Mobile health and social services” -project, where students get to solve the challenge: What and what kind of health and social services would a mobile service with the latest technology fit in? What added value would that bring? What services could a mobile unit provide and what technology would be needed? 

This is done in multidisciplinary team working together with a coach/ coaches. You will work together with the assigning organization. 

Course information

Credits: 5 ects

Course code: NN00FD73-3016

Study method: Team work

Experience level: Practice your skills

Location: Online, TAMK, Kauppi

Date: 25.10.–12.12.2021

Period: 2 / 2021-2022

Enrollment: 12.4.–22.10.2021

Organizer: HUBS


TAMK student
Pakki + course code NN00FD73-3016

TAU students
Cross-institutional service + course code NN00FD733016

Contact person

Contact person

Minttu Ripatti

Minttu Ripatti